How do commissions work?

  • When you start a dialogue, I can give you bunches of ideas and we roll them together with what you are already thinking.  If you decide to go ahead, I will give you a price, a projected date for completion, and a GUESS on shipping.  I then ask for half of the money to start the project.  The other half is due before shipping or pick-up.  I can send you photos of the work in progress if you request.  Most people prefer to see it when it is done.

Do you install? 

  • I sure do.  I can install or hire someone to install but in some cases distance makes it smarter to just ship it to you in parts with instructions for an installer that you hire.  In the end, nobody will ever see that it was in parts.

Can you put a light behind this art? 

  • My work generally has a backing on it so light cannot pass through.  If a huge wash of light would go through, you would not be able to see some of the detail that I have incorporated into the design.  If I do a project for a light or window, it is designed specifically for that light setting.

Can all of your art go outdoors? 

  • Most could be reframed to be weather resistant.  It is better if I know ahead of time and I can build specifically for the weather situation that the work will need to endure.

How do you figure out pricing?

  • OK. Wow.  This is the hard one.  First, I tell people that most of my work starts at about $300 a square foot to give you a ballpark guess.  There are things that I do that are far less and things that I do that are far MORE.  For example, a mosaic of abstract stripes will cost you far less than a mosaic of a realistic picture of your dog in the same materials.  Some of the things that make projects more expensive are time spent in details, variances in materials’ costs and wear and tear on tools such as diamond blades and multiple kiln firings.  Certain glass colors cost me four to five times more than others while some glass is free.  Also, specifics for installations and weather proofing can add to costs.  The only way to find out is to ASK!