You and I both know that when we read a bio on an artist’s page, it was the artist writing in third person.  It doesn’t fit me so I will tell you a little bit about my work and a little bit about me.

sitesizedlindabillet_edited-1About my work…which IS me:  I am one of the millions of people that feel one should do what they love.  Each work that I make is an attempt to “write the book that I want to read.”   I enjoy experimentation and discovery.  I love texture and dimension.  I think pattern and detail are fun.  So each piece I make is an attempt to cram as many of those elements as I can into one space.  Every work I create, even if it ends up in my trash can, is a joy to create and brought me lessons for future works.  If there is anything I want you to see in my work, it is the happiness that goes into it because I genuinely want you to get that back for yourself.  Nothing pleases me more than when I hear from someone after years of owning my work and they tell me that it still makes them happy.  I am fairly certain that creating art that makes people happy is my purpose in life.  I believe that the Whatever that is connecting us ALL (four legged and two legged, republican and democrat) is what gave me the dream and the passion for what I do.



About me:  This is super sappy but all true.   I could tell you that I work an extraordinary amount of hours but instead I will tell you the truth.  I play all day and sometimes when I am in my studio “working” with my dogs sleeping under my tables, I forget about time and I marvel at the fact that I get paid to do this.  I live with the man I married in 1985 and although back then I felt I could not possibly love him more, I do now.  I am equally enamored with my two adult children who are also excellent artists.  One is in music, one changes her mind a lot but recently she’s into pies.  It has been a great privilege for me to guide them for 18 years and I will continue to cheerlead for them or any other kid ( currently limited to ages 0 through 100) who is following their dream.   I believe that happiness is about embracing what you are and what you have, cellulite and all.  Thank you SO much for reading.


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